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Beetroot Lips And Cheeks Tint For Women - 8 GM

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  • Exfoliates
  • Hydrates & Softens
  • Smoothens
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Product Description

Transform your natural beauty with our Mariaross Beetroot Lips & Cheeks Tint - 8 gm, a versatile and nourishing cosmetic designed to give your lips and cheeks a radiant, rosy hue. Formulated with the finest natural ingredients, this tint provides a flawless finish that enhances your beauty wi...

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Key Ingredients


The key benefits include natural radiance, hydration and moisture, long-lasting wear, antioxidant protection, and a nourishing formula. Additionally, it is gentle on the skin, easy to apply, portable, and ethically produced (vegan and cruelty-free).

Yes, the lightweight and buildable formula ensures that the color remains vibrant and long-lasting from morning to night, minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups.

Absolutely. The Mariaross Beetroot Lip & Cheek Tint is designed to be a versatile product that works effectively as both a lip tint and a cheek stain.

Mariaross is "Clean Compatible". Not just free of harmful and toxic chemicals but uses only those ingredients that either enhance the health of our hair & skin or support the effectiveness of formulations.


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